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Expats. Are we safe?

May 19, 2010


This is a blog post about job security. During a recession, we’re more likely feel unsettled in our jobs. With unemployment rising, its always a fear that you might end up a statistic. If you’re an expat working in the Gulf, the implications of losing your job are worse than at home and yet we […]

If you don’t like it you can just..

May 15, 2010


…leave. You know where the airport is. The stock answer to every expat moan and groan. If you live in the Gulf and you’re not a GCC citizen you’ve probably heard this at least once and if not, you’ve certainly read it in the pages of a local newspaper or on the forum of a […]


May 16, 2008


You knew it wouldn’t be long before my return, something would wind me up and I’d be back on here again. Heck, all it takes are a few bad drivers (of which there are many on this island). I’m even thinking about starting a ‘name and shame’ blog about bad driving in Bahrain. I still […]