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Dear Radio Bahrain…

January 6, 2010


‘The Beat of the Gulf’, that’s what you like to call yourself. The only beating I can hear is the sound of my head against a brick wall when I listen to you. Oh, and there’s ‘The Gulf’s Number One’ that ‘Number One Shit Radio Station’? Why or why is Radio Bahrain pure FAIL?? Is […]

Two very different Karbabads

January 4, 2010


Here’s a photo of Karbabad beach over the Eid Al Adha break in November: and on New Years Day: So what happened to the shack and the fishing boats? It was a very windy day on January 1st and the tide was certainly high. Since Eid Al Adha we’ve had a lot of stormy weather […]

Happy New Year from Bahrain Taxi

January 1, 2010


This lazy old taxi has got of her arse and has decided to start blogging again. I will do it because it’s good for me, not because I’m particularly bothered if I have any readers. I used to get off on the amount of traffic that my old blog, Al Ain Taxi, used to receive […]