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January 31, 2008


Just got a call from my husband, he’s stuck in traffic on the highway. Moments ago he saw some of the worse driving ever and I mean BAD. Lane weavers, speeders, tailgaters playing chicken and then a few miles on the traffic slows right down and there are emergency vehicles everywhere. An accident and a […]

Radio Bahrain is Krazy

January 24, 2008


SPIN IT KK! The cheerful little ditty about Krazy Kevin‘s golden album of the week, along with his corny jokes keeps me sane in the morning traffic. KK is Radio Bahrain’s popular fun-lovin breakfast DJ, he’s been gracing the airwaves for five years so you can imagine he’s a bit of an institution (albeit a […]

Bahraini food and the veggie man

January 9, 2008


I got an e mail the other day asking me about Bahraini cuisine. Now, not having been here that long I don’t know a great deal about Bahraini food. To me, it looks a similar situation to the UAE: Lebanese food and the famous Gulf biriani, seasoned rice cooked with raisins, nuts and saffron with […]

Cold Bahrain

January 8, 2008


I write warming my hands on the keyboard, you see right now Bahrain is cold! According to the BBC its 14c outside but it feels alot colder than that, especially in a house designed to keep cool like mine. It might be 14c outside in the sun.. The Gulf Daily News is warning that its […]

Day of Silence

January 6, 2008


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