Posted on May 16, 2008


You knew it wouldn’t be long before my return, something would wind me up and I’d be back on here again. Heck, all it takes are a few bad drivers (of which there are many on this island). I’m even thinking about starting a ‘name and shame’ blog about bad driving in Bahrain. I still ask the question “Bahrainis, on the whole, are charming, kind, hospitable people that put us Westerners to shame when it comes to manners so why, oh, why does it all change when they get behind the wheel???!!” I know I’ll upset a few people with that one but it had to be said.

Todays rant is about expats though. Many of my fellow country men and women seem to be some of the most shallow, narrow minded, materialistic bunch of people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Yes, many of them do have more money than me and no, I’m not envious. Friendships are formed on the basis of who has what and seeing as I find it hard to have conversations about my yacht (I don’t own one) or my latest holiday to the Maldives (I haven’t been), I haven’t made many friends here.

However, I do have a handful of genuine mates in Bahrain who would chose to save me over their Gucci handbag if their villa caught fire with me in it. Thanks guys.

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