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March 11, 2008


Someone summed it up very well on a messageboard I just read: Would you cross a busy road blindfolded? So why would you drive fast in thick fog? Why would you not slow right down and put your fog lights or if you haven’t got those, your headlights on? Why was there a 200 car […]


March 10, 2008


These were featured in a free catalogue that was dropped under my gate. I wonder how they would do down in the UK but here it seems that nobody seems to mind.

I hate minibus drivers

March 9, 2008


Despite the convenience of not having to do the school run myself as well as the environmental benefits of using a bus, I’m still refusing to put my child on a school mini bus. It’s a Toyota Hiace just like this one (but older) has no seatbelts fitted and is driven by a moron. For […]

Happy Mothers Day

March 2, 2008


To all the mothers, this is your day. Maybe we should think about Mother Earth too and one of the best ways to start is by saying no to plastic bags. The damage these things do to our environment goes way beyond the twenty or so minutes of convenience they give us to get our […]

March’s edition of FACT magazine out today

March 1, 2008


The only mag on the island worth reading. >No ‘society pages’, photos of people out on the p***. Who wants to pay for that? >Top class writing >Informative and entertaining.