A sad farewell

Posted on January 4, 2011


but not from me, from Krazy Kevin.

Now regular readers of this blog will know that although I bitch and moan about a lot of things, KK is always safe from my diatribe. The man is a national treasure and his departure tomorrow will be a sad one for both him and us. The last 11 years he has grabbed Bahrain with both hands or rather hugged the place with both arms and made the place a little cheerier. To say that he has united nationalities and races would start to make this sound like I’m writing a Nobel  Peace Prize recommendation for the guy but there is no doubt most people in Bahrain know the name and it will always raise a smile or at least an opinion, mostly good.

Last night Bahrain Taxi rolled into the British Embassy and witnessed the man and 100 of his best friends say fond farewells. There were people from all walks of Bahrain life and this Taxi was privileged to be amongst them, all united with a love of the Krazy One.

I’ve moaned about Radio Bahrain here before and I hope that his departure will not mean an turn for the worst. I say it once again, its time for a revamp, a spring clean at RB. You have some great people working for you, its time to start paying them well and on time and give them a little bit more  creative muscle. The possibilities are very exciting!