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Expats. Are we safe?

May 19, 2010


This is a blog post about job security. During a recession, we’re more likely feel unsettled in our jobs. With unemployment rising, its always a fear that you might end up a statistic. If you’re an expat working in the Gulf, the implications of losing your job are worse than at home and yet we […]

Dear Radio Bahrain…

January 6, 2010


‘The Beat of the Gulf’, that’s what you like to call yourself. The only beating I can hear is the sound of my head against a brick wall when I listen to you. Oh, and there’s ‘The Gulf’s Number One’ that ‘Number One Shit Radio Station’? Why or why is Radio Bahrain pure FAIL?? Is […]

Wanted: Female Lifeguards in Bahrain

June 22, 2009


Opening the GDN this morning I see another tragic drowning has happened yet again, this time a 9 year old boy. The government here is pushing for lifeguards to be on duty at all public pools and recommends that there should always be an adult who can swim supervising children in private pools. According to […]

Majority think motorists in UAE ‘drive like maniacs’ – Transportation –

June 19, 2009


Majority think motorists in UAE ‘drive like maniacs’ – Transportation – Shared via AddThis So it’s not just me that moans about this particular little problem although I have to say that Bahrain has the safest roads in the region (12.1 road deaths per 100,000). I never drove in the UAE although as a […]

Big Bang Theory

May 17, 2008


This is a post about electricians in Bahrain. It seems that I could call myself and electrician here if I wanted to. The thing is, even I know Electrics 101. Things like: water and electricity do not mix, do not overload circuits, switch off the supply before pissing around with the wiring, don’t put the […]