Get real….estate

Posted on July 20, 2010


First of all, huge apologies for the prolonged silence. If I’ve dropped a few readers then I only have myself to blame. I get out the habit of blogging and the next thing I know, months have passed.

BT is about to depart for the annual summer holiday but the last few weeks have been busy ones while I look for a new place to live. There’s nothing particular wrong with the current pad but its time to upgrade while its a tenant’s market and there are so many places on offer which means landlords are more willing to negotiate than they have been in previous years. I should say most landlords as there are still many who haven’t noticed the economic crisis going on outside.

I’ve got a few agents on the case, looking for my dream home but time after time they keep showing me round the standard expat fare: a nice little white villa with a patch of grass outside in Saar/Janabiya. They all begin to blend into one, some of them more reasonable value than others but none of them have the wow factor. Unlike many expats, these places don’t float my boat and what I really want is one the those funky old rambling private villas, surrounded by a high wall in which is contained a mature garden of local greenery. I don’t care if the paint is peeling or if you have to drive through a *shock, horror* ‘village’ to get there or even get the occasional whiff of burning tyre mixing with the BBQ smoke, these places can be incredibly good value for money if you find one.

Most Bahrain estate agents don’t deal with such places. Owners don’t tend to advertise, leaving it to chance if you happen to pass by and see the ‘For Rent’ sign. If you really strike lucky and get an owner who values keeping the place occupied and tidy as much as the bottom line, whack down your advance rent and get signing that contract, you’ve hit the real estate jackpot.

So my quest continues… somewhere behind a traditional Bahraini style gate, behind a peeling wall is my ideal home. All I need to do is to find it! You know the e mail,

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