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Posted on September 14, 2010


You may have escaped Antoine Dodson, in which case let me explain. Antoine and his sister Kelly live(d) in a housing project in Lincoln Park, Huntsville, Alabama. One night in August an intruder broke into the family home by climbing into an open window and tried to rape Kelly as she slept. Her elder brother Antoine was alerted by her screams, ran to her room and interrupted the rapist who left from whence he came leaving his T-Shirt and many fingerprints.

The Dodson family reported the incident to the police who didn’t take it seriously at all and went as far as saying “we can rule out the brother”, refering to Antoine who is gay. So the family took it to the local news station who came a filmed an interview with the family. Antoine’s anger and protectiveness of his sister was so passionate and powerful on screen that it wasn’t long until he was appearing on You Tube.  A few days later New York geek band ‘The Gregory Brothers‘ of ‘Auto Tune the News’ fame took the report, autotuned it and ‘Bed Intruder Song’ was born. They put it on ITunes for a $1.29, 50% of proceeds going to the Dodson family. Then there’ s the ringtones and the T-Shirts. The ITunes download even managed to make the Billboard Top 100.

So, there you have  it. The Dodsons are going to use the money to leave the project where crime is rife and move to a much smarter neighbourhood. Antoine is making the most of his15 minutes of fame because its all about grabbing it while you can and improving your situation because no ones going to help you out there. Some have critised the Dodsons and The Gregory Brothers for making light of a serious situaton but talk is cheap and the rights and the wrongs of that aren’t going to move the family out of danger.

The Gregory Brothers haven’t done too badly out of it either….

The Bed Intruder Song is here

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