Brighton Taxi now up and running

June 11, 2011


For the latest installment of the Taxi adventure, please visit

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Ma’salama Bahrain

May 26, 2011


Once again the taxi is hanging up her keys and heading off to pastures new. Having been Al Ain Taxi and Bahrain Taxi, I will soon be Brighton Taxi as I head back home after nearly a decade in the Gulf. So did the protests push me? No. But the government response and crackdown did. […]

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A sad farewell

January 4, 2011


but not from me, from Krazy Kevin. Now regular readers of this blog will know that although I bitch and moan about a lot of things, KK is always safe from my diatribe. The man is a national treasure and his departure tomorrow will be a sad one for both him and us. The last […]

Press ‘delete’ on bulk SMS messages in Bahrain

November 1, 2010



If, like me, you’re fed up with receiving unsolicited text messages from companies, hospitals, restaurants, the list goes on; you can actually do something to stop them. The Telecoms Regulation Authority is asking for public opinion on unsolicited bulk messaging. You can e mail them at Or maybe you love getting them because they’re […]

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Virgin recommends Mein Kampf?!

November 1, 2010



Its been pretty much talking about before, Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ (My Struggle) which outlines in no uncertain terms his political ideology is a best seller in the Arab world. This is not the first time I’ve seen this highly controversial book on the shelves of mainstream bookshops in the Gulf, the first time I saw […]

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Only in the USA!

September 14, 2010



You may have escaped Antoine Dodson, in which case let me explain. Antoine and his sister Kelly live(d) in a housing project in Lincoln Park, Huntsville, Alabama. One night in August an intruder broke into the family home by climbing into an open window and tried to rape Kelly as she slept. Her elder brother […]

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Back in Bahrain but not blogging til after Eid

September 8, 2010


Watch this space!

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