If you don’t like it you can just..

Posted on May 15, 2010



You know where the airport is.

The stock answer to every expat moan and groan. If you live in the Gulf and you’re not a GCC citizen you’ve probably heard this at least once and if not, you’ve certainly read it in the pages of a local newspaper or on the forum of a website . IT HURTS. Why? I guess its the feeling of not being wanted or needed, to be told to put up or shut up. No matter how much we try, many expats do start to feel at home and to hear those words is like having the rug pulled out from under our feet.

The relationship between expatriates living the Gulf and their hosts is a complex one. Most people are here because they have a job on a limited contract basis. Nobody should come to the Gulf and expect to put down roots, you would be extremely foolish to do so. However, if you’re out here for year after year its not surprising that it begins to feel like home. Its a normal human response to complain and moan, its a coping strategy but to be told that such complaints are futile because there’s always the airport can add to the frustration!

So expats, please realise that this is not forever and don’t get too upset when you hear the stock answer. GCC Nationals, please realise that the moaning is just a way of venting frustration and sometimes its constructive and could actually make things better if heeded.

Peace, my friends.

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