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I hate minibus drivers

March 9, 2008


Despite the convenience of not having to do the school run myself as well as the environmental benefits of using a bus, I’m still refusing to put my child on a school mini bus. It’s a Toyota Hiace just like this one (but older) has no seatbelts fitted and is driven by a moron. For […]

Why is the driving so bad in Bahrain?

February 28, 2008


Someone please tell me. In the meanwhile let me leave you with this video. The Aussie V8 Supercars certainly got a welcome Bahrain-style last November, not only did they get to experience our wonderful F1 track they also had some fun on our local highways too.

Bahrain’s moron driver of the day award goes to..

February 26, 2008


The woman who decided she was too important to wait in line to turn left into Saar Avenue from Avenue 35 around 12.30 this afternoon. Instead she drove along the pavement on the right, past the queuing traffic and cut in front of me as I was turning left. And second prize goes to the […]


January 31, 2008


Just got a call from my husband, he’s stuck in traffic on the highway. Moments ago he saw some of the worse driving ever and I mean BAD. Lane weavers, speeders, tailgaters playing chicken and then a few miles on the traffic slows right down and there are emergency vehicles everywhere. An accident and a […]