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Majority think motorists in UAE ‘drive like maniacs’ – Transportation –

June 19, 2009


Majority think motorists in UAE ‘drive like maniacs’ – Transportation – Shared via AddThis So it’s not just me that moans about this particular little problem although I have to say that Bahrain has the safest roads in the region (12.1 road deaths per 100,000). I never drove in the UAE although as a […]

If you’re British and you frequent The Aviation Club in Dubai, you’re fair game!

November 29, 2008


According to Nawaf of Al Ain. This is his response to the news of our Hummer driver: The husband and his friends Posted by Nawaf, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates on Saturday 29 November 2008 at 00:08 UAE time I wonder what this lady, her husband and friends had said to the young man. Maybe […]


November 28, 2008


Two murders. One in Dubai, UAE and the other in Lowestoft, UK. Both of these men committed murder by running over their victims in a 4x4s. One man was jailed for life which means at the very minimum he will serve 21 years in jail,  the other man got 10 years and his car confiscated. […]

Touchy-Feely Bahrain Taxi

November 25, 2008


Bahrain Taxi is back on the road having been alerted to a feature in last month’s FACT magazine. Apparently I’m not for the sensitive or conservative readers among you. Sod that, I’m still going to rant about the driving here until you all behave yourselves! Anyway, in order to keep my more sensitive readers on […]


March 11, 2008


Someone summed it up very well on a messageboard I just read: Would you cross a busy road blindfolded? So why would you drive fast in thick fog? Why would you not slow right down and put your fog lights or if you haven’t got those, your headlights on? Why was there a 200 car […]

I hate minibus drivers

March 9, 2008


Despite the convenience of not having to do the school run myself as well as the environmental benefits of using a bus, I’m still refusing to put my child on a school mini bus. It’s a Toyota Hiace just like this one (but older) has no seatbelts fitted and is driven by a moron. For […]

Why is the driving so bad in Bahrain?

February 28, 2008


Someone please tell me. In the meanwhile let me leave you with this video. The Aussie V8 Supercars certainly got a welcome Bahrain-style last November, not only did they get to experience our wonderful F1 track they also had some fun on our local highways too.