Get real….estate

July 20, 2010


First of all, huge apologies for the prolonged silence. If I’ve dropped a few readers then I only have myself to blame. I get out the habit of blogging and the next thing I know, months have passed. BT is about to depart for the annual summer holiday but the last few weeks have been […]

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Expats. Are we safe?

May 19, 2010


This is a blog post about job security. During a recession, we’re more likely feel unsettled in our jobs. With unemployment rising, its always a fear that you might end up a statistic. If you’re an expat working in the Gulf, the implications of losing your job are worse than at home and yet we […]

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If you don’t like it you can just..

May 15, 2010


…leave. You know where the airport is. The stock answer to every expat moan and groan. If you live in the Gulf and you’re not a GCC citizen you’ve probably heard this at least once and if not, you’ve certainly read it in the pages of a local newspaper or on the forum of a […]

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You know he’s Bad: MP calls for ban on Jacko concert

May 12, 2010


Not happy with forcing a change of venue from the Bahrain Exhibition Centre to The Diplomat Radisson (and I was told it was for safety reasons), Islamist MP Sheikh Mohammed Khalid Mohammed has called for tomorrow and Friday’s Michael Jackson Tribute concert to be cancelled completely.  “Everyone knows that he is a pimp, child abuser […]

Adam Jones denied a childhood with his mother

May 3, 2010


For anyone unfamiliar with the Adam Jones custody case which has been in the headlines here since last October. This is taken from the ‘Return Adam to his family in Bahrain’ Facebook Group: “10 year old Adam was “abducted” by his Qatari relatives in early October. Adams’ biological father passed away in 2005 & in […]

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Caught on camera!

April 28, 2010


My lastest time wasting activity is exploring the world without having to get on a plane… Google Maps’ Street View allows me to whizz around the UK without having to move away from my computer. If there was ever a website that encouraged stalking its this one! Over the last few months Google has been […]

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The end is nigh!

April 23, 2010


or maybe its just a dust storm blowing high above our heads. The sun seeps though it, giving the sky an orangy glow. Run your hand along something outside (and later inside if it carries on) and its covered in fine yellow dust. Look at the delivery guy on the bike, you can’t see the […]

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