Dear Radio Bahrain…

Posted on January 6, 2010


‘The Beat of the Gulf’, that’s what you like to call yourself. The only beating I can hear is the sound of my head against a brick wall when I listen to you. Oh, and there’s ‘The Gulf’s Number One’ that ‘Number One Shit Radio Station’? Why or why is Radio Bahrain pure FAIL??

Is anyone listening to us, your potential audience who want to listen to radio in English, who don’t want to have to tune into that easy listening smoothy station or the BBC World Service because we want to hear local radio, radio with local news, a local flavour. Aren’t you ashamed that just over the Gulf, in Dubai we have Dubai 92. OK, so I’m not holding Dubai 92 up as the epitome of radio at its best but..

You just have to compare the web presence of both stations:

Dubai 92 has made the effort to produce a fresh, modern web presence with lots of information about programmes, presenters and regularly updated features to support their on air content. Meanwhile, over on the island of 2 seas..

you really party like its 1999. Yes, your website looks like it was last updated ten years ago. You could get a better result from a year 7 school IT project. It looks outdated and has ‘can’t be bothered’ written all over it. Pretty much sums up the station then.

What is wrong with Bahrain’s media? When the country is trying to present itself as a modern, business friendly destination its media is stuck in a rut. The radio and TV is not a national pride but a national joke. Where are the consultants to rebrand Radio Bahrain. Heck, you don’t even need to pay vast amounts of money to some overseas PR agency, you can just listen to people here on Bahrain. Look at Ammar’s Hala Bahrain Magazine. A local guy set this up, along with Bahrain Talent. You have the resources to rebrand Radio Bahrain right here under your feet. will take more than a new logo and a new website. You really do need to do a major spring clean. Keep Krazy Kevin, he’s a national treasure. Yes, I know that people moan about him but give him the breakfast show slot back, give him an excellent producer and a female co-host. Keep Marie Claire. She’s got the pipes for the job, all she needs is a producer. Producers should be working with a Programme Director whose  job it is make sure that Radio Bahrain has a ‘vision’ as to what it should be and that everyone is moving in the same direction. Until this happens, you will continue to sound like a bunch of amateurs. Even the late and great John Peel had a producer. It didn’t mean his hands were tied as to what music he  played, it just meant that he had someone there behind the scenes to make sure that his show was the best it could be. Binary Bill, DJ Imran can all stay too.

Please, oh please can you get rid of Ian Fisher. That man is only there behind the mic because he knows where the bodies are buried.  He must have something over you otherwise he’d be long gone by now. Or is there another reason? This is one fish that has definitely gone off.

I would like to finish by saying I’m writing this because I care. Every now and again and give you another chance only to switch over to the World Service after ten minutes. When will the day come when I’m pleasantly surprised by the new Radio Bahrain so much so that I stay in the car with the groceries melting in the boot because I can’t bear to switch you off?