Happy New Year from Bahrain Taxi

Posted on January 1, 2010


This lazy old taxi has got of her arse and has decided to start blogging again. I will do it because it’s good for me, not because I’m particularly bothered if I have any readers. I used to get off on the amount of traffic that my old blog, Al Ain Taxi, used to receive and that compelled me to keep on blogging. At the time, Al Ain Taxi was one of the few blogs on Al Ain life and therefore I had a large and hungry audience! Once I moved to Bahrain, I discovered that I was a smaller fish in a bigger pond and therefore wasn’t getting the hits that I used to get. So I got disheartened.

That’s not the spirit at all, so one of my many new years resolutions is to pick up this blog where I left off, readers or no readers. After all, there are many Bahrain blogs that have died in the last year or so, some really good ones too.

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