You know he’s Bad: MP calls for ban on Jacko concert

Posted on May 12, 2010


Not happy with forcing a change of venue from the Bahrain Exhibition Centre to The Diplomat Radisson (and I was told it was for safety reasons), Islamist MP Sheikh Mohammed Khalid Mohammed has called for tomorrow and Friday’s Michael Jackson Tribute concert to be cancelled completely.  “Everyone knows that he is a pimp, child abuser and a thief who stole from the Bahraini royal family” he was quoted as saying.

Everyone knows? Do they really? Yes, his career was dogged with child abuse allegations and general weirdness but I think most people will be there for the music not for a  grand celebration of child-abuse and pimpness, that’s if he ever did abuse children which was never proved in court. And besides, at last its a gig worth going to so lets hope that this party pooper isn’t going to be getting his own way.

Anyway, thanks to the change of venue you will now be able to enjoy a fermented beverage as well. Thanks Sheikh Mohammed!


Eyad from Eyadone has just tweeted this:

When are the youth of this country going to stand against this nonsense, this character and his cronies are shoving their twisted narcissistic ideologies in our faces time and time again. What are you waiting for, next they will ask that music is not to play on out radio channels, and that out TV presenters have to wear Hijab, or just shut down TV radio broadcast all together because it Haram.

I am asking all of you to do the bare minimum, just stick a picture of Michael Jackson in your display on facebook, twitter and forums for the weekend, not for the love of MJ but just to spite Mohamed Khaled and those who are with him. Let’s show him that the youth and the future of this country are not interested in what he’s doing or preaching.”