Adam Jones denied a childhood with his mother

Posted on May 3, 2010


For anyone unfamiliar with the Adam Jones custody case which has been in the headlines here since last October. This is taken from the ‘Return Adam to his family in Bahrain’ Facebook Group:

“10 year old Adam was “abducted” by his Qatari relatives in early October. Adams’ biological father passed away in 2005 & in Oct 2009, his Mother Rebecca was duped into signing a court order to allow her sons’ Qatari relatives to take him.

On Oct 3rd, Rebecca who lives in Bahrain,took Adam on a visit to Qatar at the request of her late ex-husbands family.
The Qatari family at the centre of all of this, the Al- Madhaiki’s deceived Rebecca by telling her that the papers they wanted her to sign were about Adams inheritance,as the documents were in Arabic, Rebecca refused to sign them.

One of Adams’ uncles, with whom Rebecca had maintained a good relationship & whom she trusted, lied to her, telling her the papers were about Adam’s inheritance share.
In reality, the papers allowed the Qatari grandmother to file for custody of Adam.
A subsiquent court hearing has now granted full custody to Adams’ sick 77 yr old paternal grandmother, Miriam Al Juma.Rebecca was denied visitation.

A later court hearing granted Rebecca a 3 hour visit with Adam, at his grandmothers house, surrounded by the Qatari relatives.However, “Uncle” Fahad refused to allow the visit, in spite of the court order, thereby breaking the law, yet again !! Rebecca finally got to see Adam on Nov 26th evening, he now knows the truth and is desperate to return home to his Mum,Dad & Sister. The meeting was bitter sweet as once over, Adam had to return to his cruel relatives as they still have custody of him, however Rebecca now gets to see Adam twice a week for about 3 hours on each visit. 

Even though I am a firm supporter of Adam’s mother Rebecca and her struggle to get her son back, I have held off blogging about this until now. The reason is I didn’t want to upset anyone and in anyway influence the case, throughout the long and difficult months since she was duped, Rebecca has remained careful about what she has said about Qatar and its legal system. I decided I would do the same and avoid blogging about the subject as it was difficult for me to remain objective on what was a clear case of pure corruption. However, yesterday the highest court ruled that Adam was to stay with his uncle and that his mother was unfit for him to return to her custody. So now the gloves are off.

Its simply about money. When Adam’s father died, Adam became the heir to a lot of land in Qatar. If Rebecca and her new husband are the rightful guardians of Adam then one day that land will be his and subsequently it will no longer in the hands of the Qatari family. The family have done anything to keep Adam in their custody. Their parenting record is appalling. For months Adam wasn’t even sent to school and spent day after day playing on a Playstation they bought him to try and distract his mind. When he complained of feeling lonely, missing his family and friends in Bahrain they bought him a cat. Finally they sent him to school but one of the worst ones in Doha while the other children in the family are attending an English speaking private school. Adam doesn’t know much Arabic and is struggling in class, falling further behind in his studies.

Rebecca’s legal team have taken this up with the UK Foreign Office, has written to MPs and recently registered  a child obduction case in the UK high court. All I can say is that the lack of intervention from the UK up til now is probably because they feel that they have no grounds on which to intervene…of they don’t want to spoil UK/Qatar relations over one little boy.

This will have to change. Rebecca’s hope of getting Adam back is at the feet of the UK government now. They will have to put pressure on Qatar to return this child to his mother where he should be. If this isn’t possible then what kind of world are we living in where a family can pay off a judge in order to keep an inheritance in their family while a boy’s childhood is in tatters and nobody outside Qatar does anything about it?

Watch the video of Adam here. Unfortunately at this time you have to be a Facebook user in order to view it. Hopefully it will soon appear on YouTube and I will share the link as soon as this happens.

There is also a video of Adam’s new father, Barrie explaining the case in detail here