Caught on camera!

Posted on April 28, 2010


My lastest time wasting activity is exploring the world without having to get on a plane… Google Maps’ Street View allows me to whizz around the UK without having to move away from my computer. If there was ever a website that encouraged stalking its this one! Over the last few months Google has been covering every street in the UK with its specially adapted 360 degree camera-cars and bikes. Type in an address and Google Street View will take you there, right outside the front door. Great fun for a homesick expat.

Of course, in the process of taking these photos, Google captured folks going about their everyday life, many of them oblivious to the camera in front of them. You can imagine that this has caused a few problems where people have been photographed being a place where they shouldn’t be..maybe a crime or two has been captured in the process. After a couple of hours of  hopping from various places in the UK I know and love I spotted a friends mum washing her car, suddenly looking up at the strange camera-decked car in front of her. Her face has been ‘blurred out’ but you can tell she’s looking up in horror! Another place I stopped off at was my Uncle’s house and there he is, standing outside chatting away to his neighbour, his car boot still open having just arrived or just going out from no doubt another golfing trip. Uncle and pal are completely oblivious to the camera and a piece of everyday English life has been captured for the world to see. I doubt we’ll be seeing Street View in Bahrain anytime soon though.

Some websites have cropped up with funny Street View photos to save you trawling street by street to find some funny captures. Street View Funny is a good one.

Handcuffed in Hollywood and he was supposed to be at work at the time…

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