Wish you were here? Is this beach really in Bahrain? Updated 26/4/10

Posted on April 21, 2010


I bet you do! If anyone can tell me where this please as I’ve yet to find it…

UPDATE 26/4/10: Bahrain Taxi picked this story up on the 21st April when it was already doing the rounds on Twitter and didn’t originate here before anyone asks.

It seems to have finally reached the front page of the GDN today:

“The Information and Culture Ministry’s Tourism Sector has now launched an official probe into the publication of the advertisement, saying it represents a misleading image of Bahrain”….”The advertisement that was released under the ministry’s name is fake and does not belong to the company or the tourism sector” says a Ministry representative.

So, has someone been busy on Photoshop? If this is the artwork of some naughty nerd with a point to make, what is their point exactly? Showing Bahrain as it really is? If that’s the case then surely a photo of Asry Beach covered in Pepsi cans and plastic bags would be more in order. Or maybe the point is, this is what Bahrain beaches could look like if the will was there. The will from both the government to invest money in public beaches and the will from the general public to keep them clean. After all, the photo is not far removed from Bahrain’s prettiest beach, The Ritz Carlton in Seef, alas behind high walls and expensive entry fees. This beach is possible in Bahrain.

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