Poor Les Horton

Posted on April 20, 2010


While I think ‘Why Bahrain Sucks’ is one of the most honest, no holds barred blogs about Bahrain and I love it, I have to say “PLEASE BE GENTLER TO POOR LES!”

While I am no fan of the GDN I will defend poor old Les Horton as it is the organisation he works for that is at fault, not himself. Yes, his writing doesn’t set the world alight but he’s working under big constraints and it really takes a skilled hand to produce some copy that won’t offend some faction of the Bahrain powers-that-be. So if you have to attack sometime, attack the GDN and Ministry of Information. In the same way that I defend Krazy Kevin, he is no superstar DJ, he ain’t up there with Terry Wogan or even Chris Evans BUT he’s under the watch of the THE MINISTRY…

So, ‘Dude’  if you have a beef have it with them. They’re the reason that media in Bahrain is so crap. But please keep writing, you really should be in professional journalism or on the radio at least 🙂