Majority think motorists in UAE ‘drive like maniacs’ – Transportation –

Posted on June 19, 2009


footdrivingMajority think motorists in UAE ‘drive like maniacs’ – Transportation –

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So it’s not just me that moans about this particular little problem although I have to say that Bahrain has the safest roads in the region (12.1 road deaths per 100,000). I never drove in the UAE although as a passenger there was many a time I’d grip my knees til my knuckles were white. However, yet again pure ‘national pride’ has got in the way of common sense. Ishaq Al Falasi writes in response to the article  :

“..this is our country and we do own the roads, the air you breathe and the water you drink so keep on remembering such essential facts, and as said on many occasions, if you dont like it, i will gladly come and pack ur bags and drop you at your flight’s terminal. The problem is that most expats drive as though they still are in their jungles or rugged mountains…”

Sorry Mr Ishaq but I’d rather drive myself to the airport if you don’t mind…with my seatbelt on *lol*

UPDATE 21/6/09. Have a look at the website again, some of the comments make me wonder if there’s some people posting absolutely crazy comments just to wind the ajnarbies up!