Woken from my slumber

Posted on June 15, 2009


Making money out of Swine Flu

Making money out of Swine Flu

Not until Tubli Bay freezes over and Batelco increase their speeds and reduce their prices will Bahrain Taxi blog again!

OK, so it looks like Tubli Bay is not in line to become a rival to Funland but hey, it looks like Batelco might be coming up with the goods. Yes, I know its still lame compared to what we can get in the UK but at least its a start. While BT has been asleep she has mellowed a little thanks to the arrival of a little BT who came into the world last December via Jidhafs Maternity Hospital (a shout out for them, they were great). So I’m just happy that things are moving up a little bit in the internet department at least. All I need is for the driving to improve but a look at last weeks GDN says otherwise..

But I’ve already been there with the driving standards rants and I don’t even hoot the cut-in-fronters on the ‘crossr0ads of death’ anymore, I mean Ave 35 into Saar Ave junction (a well know author friend of mine who lives here calls it that). However, don’t relax too much, I still see enough tomfoolery to make my blood boil!

I’ve been in Bahrain for nearly two years now and I feel I have finally settled down a bit, but rather than being angry at everything and everyone I can see the wood for the trees and have opened my eyes to what a great place this can be. Having a baby makes you mellow…but not that mellow so this isn’t going to turn into a ‘what I did today on the way from Starbucks to Al Osra’ blog! Be warned!!!

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