If you’re British and you frequent The Aviation Club in Dubai, you’re fair game!

Posted on November 29, 2008


According to Nawaf of Al Ain.

This is his response to the news of our Hummer driver:

The husband and his friends
Posted by Nawaf, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates on Saturday 29 November 2008 at 00:08 UAE time

I wonder what this lady, her husband and friends had said to the young man. Maybe because they are British, their story could be adjusted and filtered as needed. The place where the accident took place reveals enough about the British people and their friends. All of you remember the British lady story, the one who was convicted of having an intercourse with a friend at the beach and have insulted a police man on his duty while he was advising them to go out of the public area.

Nawaf, my friend, there’s nothing like a mouthy Brit to get those anger juices flowing, don’t you agree? Maybe the policeman on Jumeirah Beach should’ve run over that sleezy couple with his 4×4, they did say some rather insulting things to that poor man, didn’t they.

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