Dilly Club riders go naked!

Posted on May 21, 2008


Okay, okay. As you can probably see from the abundance of greenery in this photo, this wasn’t taken in Bahrain. What you are looking at is a shameless publicity stunt for a shamefully bad film.

Lady Godiva‘ is a vanity project from a young director answering to the name of Vicky Jewson. She can’t direct for toffee so how the hell did this project ever make it to the silver screen is beyond me.

These days talent does not count for everything. Connections and good old fashioned gift of the gab does. What this woman does possess is pure bare-faced confidence and a few connections thrown in. However, when I found out that the film cost 1.4 million pounds to make I couldn’t help think of other ways this money could’ve been spent.

Go and have a look at the reviews. Anyone with a skin thinner than a rhinos would be crying their eyes out. Instead, on the release of the DVD today, Jewson staged a publicity stunt that would make Jordan blush. She found fifty women to ride through Hyde Park starkers. Disguising the whole thing as  a charity event, she promised to donate to 5 pounds to a cancer charity for every woman who rode. That works out at 250 quid! Wow.

I wouldn’t be surprised if her film career is over. However, there’s probably a very good job waiting for her at some PR company. Sorted.

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