I hate minibus drivers

Posted on March 9, 2008



Despite the convenience of not having to do the school run myself as well as the environmental benefits of using a bus, I’m still refusing to put my child on a school mini bus. It’s a Toyota Hiace just like this one (but older) has no seatbelts fitted and is driven by a moron. For further confirmation that I have made the right decision I only have to look at the way these buses and vans are driven on the roads of Bahrain. The drivers have no regard for their own lives, the lives of their passengers and the lives of other road users around them. A friend of mine was almost hit by one the other day when she was on a roundabout. The idiot behind the wheel of one of these deathtraps pulled onto the roundabout without slowing down and almost went into the side of her. To add insult, he proceeded to beep her rather than use his brakes. It was only down to the fact that her car can take off with a slight pressing of the gas peddle that she managed to get clear of him otherwise he would’ve hit her.

Do these drivers have to take a more advanced test to drive these buses? I doubt it.

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