Happy Mothers Day

Posted on March 2, 2008


To all the mothers, this is your day. Maybe we should think about Mother Earth too and one of the best ways to start is by saying no to plastic bags. The damage these things do to our environment goes way beyond the twenty or so minutes of convenience they give us to get our shopping home from the supermarket. I feel that they are literally thrown at us in Bahrain, each time we buy anything its wrapped in a plastic bag and when we go to the supermarket very often individual items are wrapped in a bag and then put inside another one.

Please buy some reusable bags and always keep them in the back of your car so you’re never without them when you go shopping. If you buy a single item, refuse the plastic bag and hold the item in your hand.

If I still haven’t convinced you then just a walk along one of Bahrain’s public shorelines will show you where these bags end up. If you’re still not convinced take a look at this:

and in the meantime it seems that Manama Municipal Council is hell-bent on the continued rape of our beautiful natural heritage:

Environmentalists on Saturday slammed plans to rip up a coral reef in the way of the $2.5 billion Bahrain Bay development, claiming the kingdom risked losing its natural habitat forever.

The Environment Friends Society (EFS) called for a public enquiry into the decision last month by Manama Municipal Council giving developers the go-ahead to remove the reef. (From Arabian Business.com. Read it here)

It’s sad to think that one day the only memory of the Lost Paradise of Dilmun will be a water park named after it.

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