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Posted on February 29, 2008


Just been flicking through the GDN this morning as I munched on my breakfast. Nothing interesting in the news so skip that and get to the good old letters page which often contains some of the best writing in the whole rag. Those who read Al Ain Taxi will know that I used to rant and rave about the Al Ain Times (so thin you could drop it down the cracks in the floor) which I was so sure would go under after a few issues. Apparently its going from strength to strength which just goes to show that anything can survive when theres no competition.

Which leads me to an interesting couple of letters on the subject of Radio Bahrain. This one and this one. If you go through the archives you’ll find even more.

Tuning into our local English language station you will probably hear music by a young American rapper called ‘Soldier Boy’ because they play it to death. Except it’s spelt ‘Soulja Boy’ but he forgot that if we’re using da slang then it should be ‘Boi’ and I’d be Bareign Taksy, right? Shut up you old fart, you all cry.

‘Soulja Boy’ is the least of Radio Bahrain’s crimes against the ears. Pure blandness is. There are some great DJs and newsreaders on the air, I especially love DJ Binary Bill AKA Isa Swain’s show ‘The Brownside’. However, the staff seem to have their backs against the wall, thanks to the management who rule the place with a iron rod. Krazy Kevin was too knackered to do his breakfast show on new years day this year because he’d been DJing at some party where he could earn proper money as opposed to the, ahhum, I won’t say ** dinars an hour shift he gets for presenting his show (and its not 99 by the way). The management ‘punished’ him by moving him off the breakfast show and punished us by putting ‘The Fish’ on in that time slot instead.

Radio Bahrain could be really good if the management woke up and smelt the kafwah. What are they afraid of? Actually having listeners over the age of 18? At the end of the day its their parents who will be buying stuff on the back of the advertising.


The good old days in the 70s at Radio Bahrain, before ‘Soulja Boy’ was a twinkle in his fathers pants..Photo from this interesting website about Radio Bahrain in 77

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