Bahrain Taxis

Posted on February 28, 2008


Just got back from a trip to Spinneys in Budaiya. Drove past all the people lining up at the McDonalds drive in and felt superior as I was about to buy fruit! Al Osra or Spinneys as its known to many is a sure place to meet people. You only have to sit for five minutes in the cafe and someone will come along.

And guess who I saw turning into the car park. Yes! my friend ‘No Ladies’. He must live round here.

My one and only experience with a real Bahrain Taxi was after a few days of first arriving here. I’d booked a radio cab to Spinneys so I could pick up a few things and I was planning on walking home, it would only take forty minutes or so and I needed the exercise. It was September and even though it was about 9pm it was still hot and sticky, a fact that dawned on me as I passed Saar mosque. Imagine my delight when a taxi pulled up alongside me..I hopped in and told him that my destination was about ten minutes away. Kerching! That’ll be five dinars.

Now, I’d only been in Bahrain less than a week but I knew that there was no way my trip home was worth five dinars. I told him that I’d come from the UAE and was no stranger to Gulf taxi shenanigans. He dropped the fare to four and I paid it.

That was the last time I ever used a yellow spot taxi. When I need a cab I book Speedy, they’re not cheap but at least they don’t rip you off.

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