Posted on January 31, 2008


Just got a call from my husband, he’s stuck in traffic on the highway. Moments ago he saw some of the worse driving ever and I mean BAD. Lane weavers, speeders, tailgaters playing chicken and then a few miles on the traffic slows right down and there are emergency vehicles everywhere. An accident and a bad one too by the looks of it. This week has been a bad one for accidents, four fatalities on one small island in one week!

This is to all of you who drive ‘on the edge’, who like to push the car to its limits, who wants to be first in line, who drives too close to slower moving traffic and bullies the safer drivers to move out of your way, who change lanes every ten seconds just to get ‘ahead’. You’re not cool, you’re not clever and you are certainly not good drivers.

Oh, and this is also a message to those who think by honking your horn you can evaporate traffic jams. You can’t. Take your hand off your horn, switch on your brain, keep your eyes on the road and chill. Oh, and woman with your children dancing in the car unrestrained, you’re a child abuser putting your kids in such a dangerous situation.

If I see one of these looming up behind me I stay well clear….

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