Cold Bahrain

Posted on January 8, 2008


I write warming my hands on the keyboard, you see right now Bahrain is cold! According to the BBC its 14c outside but it feels alot colder than that, especially in a house designed to keep cool like mine. It might be 14c outside in the sun..

The Gulf Daily News is warning that its going to get even colder

Most houses don’t have central heating and don’t be fooled by the ‘heat’ option on your AC, it probably won’t work, so people resort to buying oil radiators. One word of advice: make sure that your radiator has a decent plug on it. I found out the hard way wiith a melted plug from China.
Even more dodgy is the ‘bring in the BBQ’ option. Yes, a tray of hot coals will warm your place in no time but it may also give you carbon monoxide poisoning.

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